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September 2015:

Thanks for your staff's performance tonight for the alumni dinner the business school had this evening. What a classy and well executed event. We had a lot riding on tonight in terms of impressing alums and students and everything was really perfect. I do not know the name of the staff person who assisted us, but she was great too. Just an excellent job all around that deserves a big thank you."


Good morning, Scott.
Thank you for a wonderful evening.  Our banquet was a great success.  Everything in Belk looked so well-prepared, and the food was plentiful and delicious.  Please extend my thank you to those on your team who had a part in preparing and serving at our event.  Our guests, students, and faculty were quite complimentary.  I appreciated the extra details, like the folded napkins that held our programs and the arrangement of the tables to allow for a gathering space.

Have a great day."

Thanks to Scott and his excellent crew for setting up and managing food service flawlessly and for serving with enthusiasm.  The food was wonderful and the setting was quite nice; I took a panoramic photo that captured it well."

February 2013:

“Dear Scott,

Thank you so much for all your help with Charming Evening! We appreciate all your
time and efforts to make this evening wonderful!”

-Alexie and Caroline (Charming Evening Co-Chairs)


Thank you for everything on Saturday! You and Sandy did a great job, as usual, and
the Class of 1955 was VERY grateful.  You ROCK!”

-Erin Cleghorn (Director of the Meredith Fund)

 “Hey Scott,

Thanks for all your help with the Leadership Conference.  I know it’s a really tight turnaround time in
between the lunches, so I’m sure Lisa and her staff felt pressured after the first lunch to get everything cleaned up in time for the second set of students!  I think it’s always been like this in the past where there is a short turnaround time, but maybe we can rethink the schedule and times next year to make it a little smoother. Some of the students also go out of their sessions about 5-10 minutes early, so we were
not ready for them to come that early! Thanks again though and I loved the red tablecloths!”

-Anna Buryk (Assistant Director of Admissions)

 January 2013:


I just wanted to say thank you so much for all you and the team did for the wedding. Everything went smoothly and the food was delicious! No one stayed in line for a long time for anything. Your team was very polite! And thanks for sacrificing your new year to do this for us. Thanks again,”

-Emily and Alex (Royal Customers-Married New Year’s Eve 2012)


I just want to thank you again for your great service. Everything was phenomenal. You and your staff made Emily's wedding perfect.

I wouldn't have changed a thing! Blessings to you in 2013!”

-Ivey (Royal Customers-Mother of the Bride)


“I had the best Parmesan crumb topped tilapia tonight for dinner.  I like that the Dining Hall is having more
tilapia/cod options, and the fact that chicken sandwiches are being offered on the regular.  I would love for there to be more varied raw fruit and vegetable options. The cut carrots and apple options are great and grapes would be a great option for lunch and dinner too.  I love the changes you have made so far this shool year. 

I would love the recipe as well for the tilapia, if that wouldn’t be too much to ask. Thanks and keep up the
great work J”

-Christa Allen (Meredith College Student)

December 2012:

“Hi Scott,

The RPTA brunch on Dec. 12 was wonderful! Everything was so tasty and well presented. Everyone enjoyed it so very much! Hope you had a wonderful holiday and that the New Year will be exceptional for you! Looking forward to having lunch for RPTA on May 15, 2013.”

-Susan Burnette (Hospitality Chair for Raleigh Piano Teachers Association)

November 2012:

“Hi Lisa,

Thank you so much for supporting the faculty and staff donors by giving them the free warm beverages for the two weeks. I’ve been collecting feedback from everyone and they LOVED it.  It was so greatly appreciated, and you’ve gotten some new loyal customers!

Many loved the pumpkin spice cappuccino and plan to purchase it in the future.  Today, a library staff member was going to get coffee at the BeeHive. She use to just buy it from the Starbucks machine outside her office.  Because of the free beverages, she tried your coffee and said the BeeHive’s coffee was much better.  She is now hooked on the BeeHive!

It was beneficial for us and looks to be great for you guys as well! And thank you for allowing me to use the Aramark logo which I put on all our posters, in all our articles, and on our pledge cards for this promotion.

I would like to give you all mugs as a special thank you.  I have four stainless steel MC travel coffee
mugs that we give to our alum donors.  They are not identical to the faculty and staff mugs, but they are
similar.  Due to the success of the coffee promotion, I don’t have enough of those mugs, but I’d love to give you these. Where and when is the best time to bring you the mugs? A BIG thanks again for your partnership and help!!”

-Jean Gambrill (Assistant Director of The Meredith Fund)

 “Thanks Scott for having BDH present at Meredith's Food Day event. It was a success and
I hope it will become an annual event on campus. Thank you for doing everything
you can to ensure the food provided in BDH is local and sustainable.”

-Paula Meredith (Meredith Student-Class of 2013)

October 2012:

“Just so you know, Michelle’s lunch today for four of us (trout, cauliflower, etc) were out of this world!!!  I could have eaten every person's portions.  I am afraid that I don't tell you nearly often enough how much I appreciate her talents----and yours!!! Please pass this to your bosses at Aramark--really, I insist!  And have a great evening.”

-Dr. Jo Allen (President of Meredith

September 2012:

“On behalf of myself and my family, we wish to commend you and your staff for the
wonderful service and courtesy shown to us on Saturday.  The food was excellent, your staff was
friendly and helpful, and Lisa was very accommodating.  The sound technician assisted us and the chef
came around to inquire about the taste of the food.  The event was a huge success and my Mother
was quite surprised and pleased. 
Thanks for making her 90th birthday so special.”

-Deborah Lofton (HS Supervisor-Wake County Human Services)

August 2012:


Thank you for a wonderful event last night!  Your crew, as always, was top notch and so pleasant to
work with, and the food was terrific!  I admire your work ethic and the trickle-down effect it has on
your staff.  I know Jo was pleased and actually sat down and ate, armed with plenty of hot sauce!

Please let your staff know how much I appreciate them, and a special thanks to you for taking such
good care of us not only for this event, but every day.

-Carol Gramer (Assistant to the President)

“Hi Keith,

Just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful job you did with catering our
event last night in Carswell -- the girls loved the food and you were always
around to attend to any needs we might have.  It was a great evening and
we thank you very much!!

-Julie Malley (Teaching Fellows Program Assistant)

"Hey there –

It won’t let my take the survey but it was all great. In fact, I’m still munching
on some of the Pimento Cheese at home!
J The Tollhouse Pies were a HIT!  The girls
were SO thrilled and have requested that I bring at least two every year.  YEAH!!”

-Meredith Moody (Assistant Director of Alumnae & Parent Relations)

July 2012:

“Hi Scott,

Just wanted to thank you, Sandy, and your staff for all of your catering help last
week for the meetings of the Strategic Plan Steering Committee and the Board's
Executive Committee.

As always, the food was great and everyone was very pleased!”

Jeannie Morelock (Assistant to the President) 


My family was so happy about me bringing home a dinner that felt home-cooked. The food received rave reviews.  The fired chicken was very good,
the green beans met our family's challenge of southern vs. crisp-cooked, and
they loved the mashed potatoes.  This was a very good value and I hope the
program is a success.”

-Elizabeth Wolfinger, Ph.D. (Vice President for Academic Planning and Programs)

June 2012:


Thanks again for working with us on the number of meals for our recent event.  It was very much appreciated.  The food was so good!!  One of the best meals I’ve had and everyone commented over and over about how delicious it was.  And Sandy is always such a pleasure to work with.  She takes great care of us.  Just wanted you to know we appreciate all you do for us!  Thanks!!”

-Pamela Davis (Director of Human Resources)

“Everyone enjoyed the food. It was fantastic, delicious!!! Will surely recommend the lemon and rosemary herb chicken to anyone! The potatoes were delic as well as the asparagus! Everything was very good.”

“Thank you to all for helping to make our Luau so successful. We appreciated all of your efforts. You were very kind to our performers.”


May 2012:


Thanks again for working with us on the number of meals for our recent event.  It was very much appreciated.  The food was so good!!  One of the best meals I’ve had and everyone commented over and over about how delicious it was.  And Sandy is always such a pleasure to work with.  She takes great care of us.  Just wanted you to know we appreciate all you do for us!  Thanks!!”

-Pamela Davis (Director of Human Resources)


“Beautiful set up. Everything was great. Thank you very much.”

 - Sharon Jones (Education Department)

April 2012:

"Loved the salads that were for our one day conference. Oak Leaf Catering provided our lunch with dessert that day and it was splendid! Thank you all so so much!!"

"Event was great! Got so much positive feedback from attendees on quality of food and that it was local."

March 2012:

“Scott, Michelle and Lisa,

I cannot imagine all it took to pull off a fabulous week of superb entertaining, but I suspect you’re as please with the results as I am!  Everybody raved about the food and service-a true hallmark of Meredith hospitality!  I appreciate all you do for me, ever since I arrived, and I look forward to years of food, friendship and good times.”

- Dr. Jo Allen (President of Meredith College)



We are so appreciative of the job that you and your staff accomplished for us around the etiquette dinner and networking event.  Your preparations, insights and advanced planning gave that event focus and direction.  Thank you for your attention to the details.  The chef prepared a delicious meal and an excellent example of what students may experience in the workplace.  Your staff and you executed the event perfectly-from set up, service and take down-everyone worked together to make this event happen smoothly.  Thank you-it was a pleasure and easy to work together and I am appreciative.”

- Dana Sumner (Academic and Career Planning)


“Thank you so very much for helping make Experience Meredith on Saturday a success!  Thank you for all you do for the admissions office throughout the year too!  We hope you enjoy these donuts as a token of our appreciation.”

- Meredith and Jay (Meredith College Admissions)